Frederiksberg DK

Type Commission
Role Main consultant
Client Frederiksberg Municipality
Size 1000 m2
Project Start 2017
Status Completed 2018


A playful landscape was key to opening up the hidden Sports Hall and integrating it into the streetscape of the surrounding villa area.


With the new landscape, we changed the identity of Mariendalshallen. Instead of being hidden behind tall hedges it is now a local gathering point for play activities, hang-out spot and a place to exercise. In the limited space we created a coherent playscape that can be enjoyed by people in all ages.

From hidden Sports Hall to an integrated part of the streetscape

With this project, we didn’t just change the appearance of Mariendalshallen, we changed the identity of the place. Before our redesign, Mariendalshallen looked kind of like another villa on the street, the building appeared introvert hiding behind its tall hedges and the outdoor areas was unused. Worst of all, the many community activities weren’t visible and there was no relation to the outdoor or any possibility

of interactions with people passing by. Mariendalshallen is now a destination in the streetscape and everyone is invited to join the games.

The light tree on the facade functions as the new entrance sign, lighting up the area in the evening and giving a hint of all the activities and life going on inside of the building.

Flexibility means filled with action

In the limited space around Mariendalshallen, every square meter has been fully utilized. Flexibility was an important keyword in this project. Stepping stumps, painted surfaces, parkour equipment, small hills and a lower-lying space for multiple games create playful spaces that aren’t age-specific

but can be used for many different games, exercises or just to hang-out. Instead of focusing the limited funding on one feature we have created a playful coherent landscape that invites everyone to join a game or to test how many pull-ups one can do.