Helsinki FI

Type Commission, framework agreement
Role Main consultant
Client Helsinki Municipality
Size 160,000 m2
Project start 2019
Status Authorities processing


The neighbourhood of Vuosaari is situated at the eastern end of one of the Helsinki metro lines. The urban centre of Vuosaari will be densified and developed with additional new housing, offices and spaces for culture and learning. The planned development will bring 40 000 new inhabitants, new shops, services and an upper secondary school to the area, transforming it to a vibrant, urban centre, steaming with life and activity all year round, every day of the week.


The new Vuosaari urban centre aims for social and green sustainability and multifunctionality in urban spaces. The main challenge lies in the amount of allocated urban space, in which many functions and activities need to fit. The area’s multiple public buildings need the possibility to stretch out into the urban space for events and activities. Additionally, green and sustainable solutions for the storm- and rainwater management are essential to be integrated into the urban spaces of Vuosaari, as an important groundwater area crosses the centre. And finally, the new traffic arrangements in the area and in the future will increase people flow and create new requirements regarding smooth solutions for wayfinding and mobility.

Mosaikkipuisto, the green heart of the new centrum. The park is a part of the central green axis of Vuosaari. The upper secondary school nearby may use the park as a learning environment.
Mosaikkitori, the square is the most central spot for events, happenings and urban life. The square offers a space for functions all year round.
Areas surrounding the centrum and urban highlights.
Natural environment, recreation and outdoor activities.
Connecting the centre with the surrounding environment.

Sustainability in focus

Sustainable development is very important in the urban renewal of Vuosaari. Social and cultural sustainability is accentuated through ensuring recreational possibilities for everyone and through connecting the new and developing urban spaces to their current identity and strengths. The urban spaces should be safe, enjoyable, open, and free for all.

Another keyword is climate adaption, by developing green urban spaces and implementing comprehensive storm- and rainwater management in the area. Gathering and processing storm- and rainwater in open and visible solutions not only make the space more pleasant but creates possibilities for diversity.

Vuotori, the historical plantings from the 90s of bush rows are loved by the residents and therefore left untouched for the most part. The removal of some is only to open up the space and make room for different cultural happenings spreading from Vuotalo out into the square.
Mosaiikkiaukio, this square is more of a common living room for inhabitants in the area, and  residents of Sukupolvitalo.

Mobility and Wayfinding

The new urban centrum of Vuosaari prioritizes the pedestrian and sustainable modes of transport. Private cars are rerouted around the pedestrian-focused centrum, making room for versatile and liveable walking, and cycling environments. Mosaikkipolku and Mosaikkiraitti are parts of the new pedestrian street through the urban centrum, creating natural flows towards the heart of the centrum.

Wayfinding is accentuated and simplified by creating distinction between the urban spaces along the route through highlighting the different identities of the spaces. As you have reached the heart of the centrum, you may leave your bike in a bike shed and take the metro, the bus or in the future the new tram.

Central functions spreading into the urban spaces

The new urban spaces in the area allows for the functions of the buildings to spread into their urban surroundings. This creates vibrant, inviting urban spaces bustling with action. The different functions also influence the spaces,

developing their unique identities further. As a result, the Vuosaari centrum consist of a series of extraordinary spaces, where you find different events, happenings, and things to do all year round.

The current park Mosaiikkipuisto have distinct borders. The surrounding road and light traffic connection helps in distinguishing the park area from the surroundings. But the current fences of the surrounding estates makes the park very narrow.
Possible removal of the fences would open up new possibilities for the park.
The extended space of the park allows for the uses of the buildings to spread into their surroundings, using the park for play, outdoor activities or exercise.