Helsinki FI

Type Commission
Team Anttinen Oiva Architects
Role Landscape architect
Client Lemminkäinen
Size 1,400 m2
Project start 2015
Status Completed 2017


Käpylän Posteljooni Housing Block is carefully placed and designed to fit into the characteristic Käpylä residential area.


The U-shaped housing block is two-sided, with a traditional and closed facade towards the busy street and a more expressive inner facade that opens up towards the brick-paved courtyard and greets its residents on their way home.

Situated in the historic context of Käpylä

The Käpylä area in Helsinki is known for its distinct atmosphere and architecture. The area is one of the earlies Finnish examples of the Garden City Movement and most houses are from the 40ies and 50ies. The new housing block is situated in a difficult plot with large terrain differences bordering the noisy Kullervonkatu

and the small park Kullervonpuisto. Towards the street, the facade appears more classic and closed off, and the housing block has been warmly received by its neighbours, who highlight it for being well-adjusted to the scale and materiality of the neighbourhood.

A space for neighbourly interactions

A warm yellow brick pavement sets the tone in the courtyard space, and creates a welcoming atmosphere with lush plantings and room for play and stay.

The courtyard for Käpylän Posteljooni is MASU Plannings first Finnish brick project. Formerly, brick as a pavement material was not common in Finland, and due to a strong wish to use brick for this project as well as

other projects, we started a dialogue with the building authorities in Helsinki. Brick is a long-lasting material with great qualities and luckily the process has lead to official approval of brick as a pavement material in Helsinki. This project showcases the many benefits of brick, as it’s pleasant materiality and in time it will prove how brick pavements age-well and last for a long time.