Copenhagen DK

Type Commission
Team NORD Architects
Client GF Ørestad Syd
Size 5,000 m2
Project Start 2015
Status Opening 2017


The philosophy behind Lethallen was to create a space for community. Lethallen is the first unstaffed Sports Hall in Copenhagen and open twenty-four seven. Run by local communities and flexible in layout to make the use shaped by the users.


The outdoor areas reflect this approach. Not only is the activity landscape open to the public but it is an integrated part of the streetscape. The landscape offers a well defined urban space in the waste urban landscape of Ørestaden. Small hills set a more human scale in contrast to the surrounding buildings and metro infrastructure. Here is a pleasant environment for meeting up, doing sports or playing with the neighborhood kids.

The projects consist of a few elements; asphalt, gravel, hills, places to sit, fitness equipment and balancing stones. All elements that can be used both for sport, play and stay creating a flexible layout.

An active space that engages people of all ages

The activity landscape surrounding Lethallen is a place for the locals to use and fits the need of a wide range of users. The cross-fit moms can meet up for exercise and baby-playtime, a toddler with his dad can practice

balance at the stepping stones and the single runner can stretch out at a bench, while the parkour equipment can be used for working out. When the workout session is well done it’s time for a rest in the high grass or a chat on the bench.

The winding gravel path connects the different Activity Stations, which is organized as a coherent training program. Each element is chosen for its flexibility to be used both for a serious workout and at the same time can be used for play.

Playful marks leading you around and around, perfect for a running match and for engaging children in a game of tag. The park is an integrated part of the streetscape and a place of community, sports activities and play.

Areas of tall grass create a natural frame around the activity landscape with the building centrally placed.