Turku FI

Type Open competition
Team Schauman and Nordgren Architects
Role Responsible for urban space and landscape
Client City of Turku
Size 350,000 m2
Project start 2020
Status Completed


Our proposal for a visionary and sustainable development of the Linnanniemi area restores the connection between Turku, Turku Castle and the surrounding archipelago. The vision is to create a new international standard for sustainable urban development.


The Linnanniemi area has a key placement both in a historic and modern context. Turku Castle stands tall at the water entrance to Turku, and the Linnanniemi area marks the meeting point between the city and the archipelago. Today the port and ferry areas separate the city from the archipelago and the historic connection between castle and sea is lost. The development of the Linnanniemi area holds enormous potential for restoring the lost connection with the archipelago and expand the city innovatively and sustainably.

The Linnanniemi district re-establish the connection with the river and unify the area’s historical identity as a gateway to the archipelago.
Based on the existing qualities Linnanniemi is developed into three areas each with its own identity: The Castle area, the Museum area and the Port area
An innovative ecosystem of the maritime cluster and cleantech cluster will create a unique platform for continuing the city’s strong educational and business work.
The Linnanniemi district has the potential to be an example of sustainable and innovative urban development
A series of urban and green spaces connects the different parts of Linnaniemi with the central forest areas as a central and unifying element
The main public attractions are placed along the shore and will offer a variety of cultural, recreational and shopping activities 24 hours throughout the year
The historical environment of Turku Castle is emphasized by expanding Linnanpuisto to the river bank.
The area south of Turku Castle is kept open to respect the historic environment and maintain the views towards Korppolaismäki and Pitkäsalmi
Linnaniemi will become an oasis of recreation, play and sport along the waterfront

Three sub-areas create the Linnanniemi area, each with its own unique identity and character; the Castle area, the Port area and the Museum area. The historical environment of Turku Castle is the cornerstone of the plan and the unifying element. The castle park extends to the banks of the Aura River, forming an oasis of recreational opportunities. Rainwater management creates the base for an area of high biodiversity.

The Forum Marinum’s environment is being developed towards an active urban cultural centre – where the city’s maritime history is told through a variety of indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces, like the flexible event

square by the water, where many cultural events can take place throughout the year. The port area has been inaccessible for Turku’s citizens for decades. With our proposal, it’s re-activated and integrated with the city life, utilizing the proximity to water. The area will be developed into a centre of trade, innovation and tourism. A unified beach promenade connects the three areas, stretching from the Forum Marinum in the east to the old Passenger Pavilion at the top of the Harbor Quarters. The identity of the promenade changes along the shoreline reflecting the character and atmosphere of each part.