Rødovre DK

Type Invited project competition
Team Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Role Responsible for urban space and landscape
Client Rødovre Municipality
Size 9,000 m2
Project start 2020
Status Completed


A new citizen’s house is to be built as an addition to the iconic Rødovre Townhall designed by Arne Jacobsen. The new building will be the home of several public functions and will form a new generation of public workplaces.


Dialogue, equality and diversity are important keywords for the new building and surrounding landscape, with the goal to create an inviting and vibrant atmosphere indoor as well as outdoor. The ground floor contains the most public functions and opens up towards all sides, generously inviting bypassers to enter the Square –the cultural and social heart of the building. Towards the existing park, a new rainwater channel is planned, inviting nature into the project It establishes a natural edge towards the open park and provides many pockets for a relaxing break and intimate conversations. Here rainwater management creates the basis for diverse plantings and varied habitats to support an area of high biodiversity. Along the building, the inner street is continued with a quality pavement, planting island and spread out furniture for a casual and inviting atmosphere.