Odense DK

Type Open competition, 2nd phase 1st prize
Team Cornelius + Vöge Architects, Grontmilj
Role Main consultant together with Cornelius+Vöge Architects
Client Odense Municipality
Project Start 2009
Size 3,2 ha
Status Ongoing, development plan


A development plan for a former industrial island located right in the center of Odense, Byens Ø will be a generator for Odense and the harbour areas. Byens Ø will become a cultural center filled with activities. 


The development plan consists of an urban life concept, a plan for the future building structure, and a strategy for how to realise the plan, including proposals for its economic sustainability. The aim is to create a flexible development plan, that can preserve the history of the place and combine it with future needs, where the citizens will be involved in creating activities and their ideas will become part of the vision.

                                      FUNCTIONS                                                                             STAY / CONNECTION                                                                            FLOW

First we create access to the area by establishing a comprehensive green element, a new path designed the way water flows. The path connects existing buildings and places, but at the same time it marks new potential for urban spaces. It is a way to let people experience the area and create identity for these new places.

Instead of differentiating between public and private areas, we create a main path and a secondary path, each running through semi public areas. They become a part of the urban life during the day, while they are closed and become private at night. Along the path, trees are planted where public spaces will be created in the future.

As the new building structure is weaved into the old structure, the result is many small squares, gardens and alleys. To maintain the atmosphere of the former industrial area, all the buildings are preserved but transformed. Along with the development of Byens Ø, the old buildings will be transformed, but throughout the development they will

help activate the area and set the stage for both formal and informal activities. Different sports- and recreational activities are included in the strategy, for example a sand area for beach volley and sunbathing, grass covered areas for sport and stay and a skateboarding area.