Hillerød DK

Type Commission
Role Landscape architect, consultant landscape
Client Hillerød Municipality
Project Start 2015
Status Inaugurated, December 2016


The new garden in relation to the new Hillerød Health Care Center is a combination of a sensory garden and an activity garden. The garden will be closely connected to the activities of the Health Care Centre, but it will also be a new public garden for everyone to enjoy.


The garden will become a place for outdoor training, where the furniture and the terrain can be a part of a rehabilitation process. Water features and a variation of plants will activate the senses, and benches, trees and the terrain are used to create spaces for relaxation and reflection.

In the northern part is created a place for stay, the fitness furniture are placed in the middle and towards south is a quieted area where the

visitors can enjoy the view. Curving paths leads the visitor through the garden