Lahti FI

Type Invited Competition, 1st Prize
Role Landscape planning
Team Kangas & Vuorinen Architects, Kristina Karlsson Architects
Area 10 ha
Projekt Start 2016
Status Ongoing


Hennala planning proposal presents a development strategy that respects and works with the structure and the layers of the historical environment. A versatile, unique, high-quality and cost-effective residential area is formed to this unique environment. An important starting point for the planning competition was the possibility for phased development.


In the design of the public areas it was important to include storm water solutions. These work as an overall principle, which create a rich and diverse landscape to the area. The aim is to base the local traffic mainly on walking and cycling, which also demands a logical, clear and attractive network of paths and streets. The idea competition is a basis to further planning of the area.

Axonometric diagrams of storm water management in the green areas.

The proposal consists of tree residential islands closely related to each other. Together they create strong, but versatile, identity to the area. The plan combines urban residence with compact streetscapes and squares along with bio-diverse green recreational areas including storm water parks, cultivation fields, old recreational forest and large diverse courtyards. The main park also creates a gentle coalescence to the historically valuable part of Hennala.

The public spaces create varied and pleasant places and scenes to the new residential area. The plan’s public green areas retain the important green and recreational connections. The communal courtyards are active and naturally connected to the several functional areas situated in the public parks. The green environment as well as long rows of trees, and further facade materials attach the new planning areal to the historically valuable military barracks milieu of Hennala.