Copenhagen DK

Type Commission
Role Main consultant
Client AB JoJo Role
Size 5000 m2
Project Start 2013
Status Completed


As part of the groundwork for a future urban renewal of Hans Tavsens District at Nørrebro, we have made a development strategy for a local housing organisation.


The planning area is located in the centre of Nørrebro. The area itself is quiet, even though it is surrounded by major streets. By allocating space for different functions like ball games, dog walking and recreation the overall quality and diversity of the city space is improved significantly. As a part of the planning several squares with different purposes are in the making. The playground at Blågård Public School will be of a particular high quality and will function as an new meeting place for the whole of the Hans Tavsen district.

The Hans Tavsens Park is included in the planning area, where a combined walk and bike path is reorganised to limit the speed of bicycles and mopeds. By increasing traffic on the path and moving it into the park passive public supervision

increases the feeling of safety in the park. The new and improved stretch of path will become part of the existing network of bike paths on Nørrebro.