Lofoten NO

Type Invited competition, 1st prize
Team MDH Architects
Role Main consultant landscape
Client Evenes Municipality
Project start 2017


The project was made in collaboration with MDH Architects from Oslo, and is located in the village of Evenes, in the beautiful Lofoten, Norway. The proposal takes a sensitive approach to its surroundings and takes the best advantages of the climate.


Following the topography on site and re-using the existing buildings, the project’s form and building volumes define different types of outdoor spaces that connect to the indoors, creating a flexible movement from inside to outside.


A sunny and sheltered school yard faces South, with different zones for play, activities, stay, and different types of events and festivities. The new school, with its angled shape, shelters the inner courtyard from the wind during winter and helps to form an agreeable micro-climate to the South-facing yard between the school and the multi-use hall. The schoolyard’s

heart, “Festplassen”, a landscaped stair and partly covered amphitheater function as a meeting place when the weather allows it.

The old football field is moved southwards to optimize connection to the multi-use hall, and a smaller game-field is added on its side. The field can be used for skating in the winter.