Frederiksberg DK

Type Invited competition
Team Nord Architects, Rambøll
Role Responsible for landscape design
Client Diakonissestiftelsen Frederiksberg
Funding A.P Møller Støttefond / Augustinusfonden
Project start 2013
Size 1000m2
Status Completed, inaugurated may 2016


At Hospice Frederiksberg, the spaces and materials create a homely and tranquil atmosphere ensuring the residents the best possible quality of life during their last days. The project was created together with Nord Architects and both building and outdoor areas are characterized by the use of quality materials.


Hospice Frederiksberg is placed in the middle of the city. The inner courtyard forms a safe and protective space away from the everyday life in the city. The inner courtyard is a calm space for stay or conversations between relatives and residents, where sense impressions can invoking memories of past life experiences. The forecourt and surrounding landscape offers an understated welcome to the house and a number of more intimate seating recessions.

The calm courtyard forms the heart of the building

In the inner courtyard, the sky is framed by the surrounding facades. The light is dimmed by the lobed foliage of the trees creating intricate shadows on the detailed brick pavement. The courtyard forms the heart of the house.

From indoor, you can look out in this beautiful space and enjoy the shadows play on the pavement. Outdoor you can sit undernet the trees, listen to the sounds of trickling water, smell the flowers or move to a bench in the sun and enjoy the warmth on your skin.