Copenhagen DK

Type Commission
Role Main consultant
Client Copenhagen Municipality
Size 6,800 m2
Project start 2017
Status Ongoing


Courtyard renewal and climate adaption go hand in hand at our Nattergalevej Climate Courtyard. The project is one of three pioneer project in Copenhagen Municipality, where rainwater is handled in the courtyard instead of leading it to the sewer system. It’s a step in the overall climate adaption of the city and an incentive to renew and improve the amenity value of the courtyard.


Nattergalevej Courtyard is impressively long and slim with beautiful old birch and ash trees. The healthy trees are preserved and around them, a new system of ditches and small ponds are planned. The flat lawn that surrounds the trees today will be remodelled to receive the rain from the roof and paved areas. Many new trees will be planted and a new planting scheme for the occasionally wet areas will add a whole new layer of diverse urban nature to the courtyard. The many old sheds will be torn down to make room for the depressions and new small-scale hills that both frames the new stay pockets and inspires to playful games. A tactile and long-lasting brick pavement will replace the worn-down asphalt. Rainwater becomes a resource that brings seasonal changes to the courtyard. The rain will be lead from the downpipes through open channels in the pavement into the ditches directly or to a new concrete channel that meanders through the courtyard as a playful element. The result will be a much more varied and useful courtyard with multiple options for play, gatherings and relaxation. Here’s room for a barbecue with friends, or to sit down in the tall grass and enjoy the variety of plants, birds and insects that will thrive here.