Thy DK

Type Invited project competition, 2020
Team Dorte Mandrup Architects and Týrens
Role Landscape architects
Client Nationalparkfond Thy
Size 3,000 m2
Project start 2019
Status Completed


The small town of Nørre Vorupøre is shaped by the harsh condition on the Danish Westcoast. The forces of nature are ever-present here with the heavy waves of the north sea right on the doorstep, strong winds and drifting sand. A new nature centre is to be built on the town square, forming one of three gates to the nature reserve of National Park Thy.


The nature reserve borders the town, and already today the town square frames the meeting between culture and nature. Our proposal is shaped by the forces of nature and adjusted to the harsh conditions here. The new nature centre preserves this experience of the dunes arriving at the town floor and utilize the meeting.

The town square also functions as the main parking area. With the new nature centre, two smaller stay areas for everyday life will be created where you enter the centre. The parking area can be closed off for larger events.
The pavement is inspired by the sea washing over the shore. a subtle colour difference in the pavement defines pedestrian paths from the beach promenade, through the parking area to the nature centre
Two shielded niches creates the entrances to the museum. The dune landscape is recreated on top of the museum, and eventually the natural paths will be reestablished.
Inspired by driftwood on the shore, wooden logs are spread around the square to divide the parking area from pedestrian paths and stay areas. For larger events the log-furniture add extra stay options around the space.