Hedehusene DK

Type Commission
Holscher Nordberg Architects
Responsible for landscape design
MT Højgaard
8,000 m2
Project start
Completed, inaugurated sommer 2018


A combination of quality materials together with a self-grown eclectic planting creates a laid-back atmosphere in Solrækkerne, the first plot to be built in the modern neighbourhood of Nærheden.


One and two-story row houses are organized along an inner street that leads you to and from your house. The inner street is a social space for casual interactions between neighbours, and a safe space for the neighbourhood children to meet up and play.

A framework for good neighbourliness

The inner street is inspired by the iconic residential area Galgebakken, where a pergola structure and plantings create a lush and inspirering inner street-system. At Solrækkerne the pergola structure was a key ingredient in creating an atmosphere of good neighbourliness. It creates a clear distinction between private gardens and public street while still allowing interactions across the planting bed. A combination of housing types

creates the foundation for a good community and safe environment, here is room for different generations both the retired couple moving from a villa into a more managable size, and the young couple expecting their first child. A dark brick pavement and a cast ion water channel creates a high-quality and long-lasting framework together with the dark pergolas it is a beautiful contrast to the lush plantings.

Room for the ‘self-grown’

Allowing people to put their mark on the neighbourhood is crusial to create a sense of ownership. For Solrækkerne housing area, the aim was to create balance between the ‘build’ and the ‘self-grown’, to provide the framework and allow the residents to choose the content of their garden. The residents could choose between three thematic garden layouts or choose to create their own.

This strategy was a good starting point to create a divers and laidback atmosphere, and already one year after move in the neighbours are organizing plan swappings and not two gardens look the same. The street will only become more lush and divers as the climbing plants in time will cover the pergola and the small trees will grow into place.