Kouvola FI

Type Commission
Role Main consultant landscape
Client Kouvola Municipality
Size 15,000 m2
Project start 2014
Status Concept plan competed


Manski Promenade is a comprehensive refurbishment plan for the central pedestrian street in Kouvola, Finland. The commission guidelines were to rethink the shabby pedestrian way into a more fresh, active and durable streetscape.


The approach of the plan is to unclutter the space, and to gather the fragmented public space into a square-like area. A new, more straightforward and simple space allows more integrated use and creates flexibility in the urban space.

An expressive pavement design unifies the urban space and, with its varying pattern, forms places and zones for lingering or other activities. The pattern follows the pedestrian flows and directions on site.

The clean-up

Removing all shabby and unnecessary elements


The New Carpet

A fresh element that clarifies and unifies the street


New Furniture

Bringing in fresh air and a consistent look with new furniture and light. Taking care of the old trees and planting new.



The refurbished urban space attracts people and is ready to be enjoyed!

The situation before
After the refurbishment

The previous spatial atmosphere on Manski pedestrian street emphasized a straight, corridor-like axis, which formed a long view and a narrow passageway. The narrow space was characterized with its division to sections, the street flow in the middle and street fronts. The paving on the street also emphasized an orthogonal division. When markets are held in the summer season, the street becomes extremely clustered and the passage even narrower.

To solve the clustered atmosphere and open up the corridor-like character, the plan organizes the space in a new way, avoiding symmetrical composition. Groups of trees placed at various points along the street emphasize the spatial rhythm, which appears green but is also spacious and full of light. A unifying surface material from facade to facade binds together the street space and strengthens its square-like atmosphere. A new surface motif gives the walking street a recognizable and durable background.

The pedestrian path winds its way and forms spaces for example for outdoor serving. Light grey pavement highlights the walking zone, medium grey points out retail areas, and dark grey shows areas for recreation and stay.
Changes in the colors and sizes of the pavement show the different areas; walking, retail areas and areas for specific activities.
In addition to integrated benches a modular street furniture, that can be re-organized according to use, is introduced to Manski.