Lejre DK

Type Comission
Role Main consultant / Landscape architecture
Client Lejre Municipality
Project Start 2016
Size 1000 m2
Status Completed September 2016


In connection with the reconstruction of Lejre Museum, the museum wanted to accentuate the main entrance and the museum. The sculpture ”Hov, Hjelm, Hest efter Skjold” by Peter Brandes has been relocated from a closed courtyard to the entrance area.


The design of the new pavement is inspired by the fleeting shadows of the clouds and changing light. The pavement mainly consists of dark bricks dissolving in a sea of grass and a granite block line directing the visitor to the main entrance. New lighting highlights the sculpture and leads the way to the entrance.

A contemporary entrance that reflects the historic environment 

Lejre Museum is located in the old farmbuildings of Hestebjerggård in the village of Gl. Lejre. A neaby hill gave name to the farm. The Museum reopened in Marts 2016. After the reconstruction visitors are

greeted by the sculpture ”Hov, Hjelm, Hest efter Skjold” by Peter Brandes. The sculpture now rests upon three massive granite blocks and together with the pavement it makes a strong entrance to the museum.