Helsinki FI

Type Commission
Team BDP Lighting, Trafix Oy
Role Main consultant
Client City of Helsinki
Area 35ha
Project Start 2010
Status Completed


Kruunuvuorenranta plan consists of a design manual and planning strategy for roads, streets and public spaces in a new housing neighbourhood, East from the central Helsinki. The area is a part of an old, demolished oil harbour, which offers landscape defined by contrast and majestic views over the sea. A new tram connection and bridge to the central Helsinki form the spine of the neighbourhood.


The project comprises of ideas and compositions for the urban design and character of the public space for Kruunuvuorenranta. The important starting points for the plan have been the area’s natural values and characteristics. The plans emphasize the characteristics of the new cityscape, and wish to specify representative features for the new housing district. The design manual covers streetscape profiles, public parks, shared space, slow streets, courtyards and coastal promenades, furthermore an overall strategy for lighting and vegetation. Situated to the East of Helsinki City centre around the old oil harbour of Laajasalo, the planning area has a long shoreline and has a very varying and rocky topography. Approx. 10.000 people will inhabit the area when it is built. Its marine environment will offer recreational activities and walking routes for the citizens of Helsinki. A direct tram and light traffic connection from Kruunuvuori is planned to reach the city centre across bridges. Also, a new ferry route from the central market place will connect Kruunuvuorenranta with the city. Car traffic flows through Herttoniemi in the East.

Street Hierarchy. The plan’s aim is to underline street hierarchy by clearly distinguishing main streets from side streets.
Spatial Hierarchy, significant squares and street spaces.

In the lighting plan, which is carried out in LED-technique, the aim is a discreet appearance in general, but with LED it is possible to create occasional exceptional lighting, for example during the Helsinki light festival. LED brings possibilities such as dimming, colours and sensors.

Darkness is also cherished in Kruununvuorenranta, thus the lighting will be planned as dim as possible, to avoid excessive light pollution and unobtrusive views from the city and archipelago.

Views and details of the small city block squares in Kruunuvuorenranta plan.

Haakoninlahti is an overall plan and concept for courtyard spaces for the future residential district on Kruunuvuori, in the eastern Helsinki. Special focus was placed on development possibilities in relation to the hilly, rocky terrain, which posed challenging requirements for the lay-out of pedestrian paths and rescue roads.

A strategy for preserving a large quantity of the existing rock landscape and trees was integrated in the plan. The storm water management is equally utilized as an aesthetic and functional design element, with possibilities for absorbing water locally and in the adjacent park spaces.