Køge DK

Type Invited competition 2013
Role Main consultant landscape and urban space
Client Køge Municipality
Size 5420 m2
Project start 2013
Status Completed 2013


Køge Culture House is a proposal for a flexiable building, designed to make room for different functions. It is a building that can accommodate both the specialised cultural life of Køge, the common citizen and create space for cross-cultural communities.


The culture house combines four different functions. Through the organisation and use of materials the building communcates the different specific functions. This creates spaces in-between for cross-cultural functions and events, which results a synergic cultural community. The building is percieved as different volumes connected by a transparent space, that links the outside with the inside and together with the pavement dissolves the barriere between building and the city.

 TRAFFIC                                                                                            URBAN SPACES                                                                                      FLOW AND PAVEMENT

The new culture house is placed right next to the train station and the main walking path from the station to the inner city which goes right by the new culture house. The three main volumes are rotated to createde various spaces in-between,

and avoid many square meters of corridore. The border between city and building is erased by using transparent facades and letting the city floor continue through the building.

CITY FLOOR                                                                                         PLANTATION                                                                                        KØGE SCALE

The ground floor will be percieved as a part of the city, and as the city floor slopes outside the building in order to pass under the railway so do the building floor.

The building is carefully shaped and fitted into Køge by breaking the building into different volumes, which relates to the surroundings.