Ilulissat DK

Type Invited competition, 2 phases
Team Kengo Kuma & Associates, Cornelius+Vöge Architects and Mannvit Engineering
Role Responsible for landscape design and nature restoration
Client Government of Greenland, Quasuitsup Municipality, Realdania
Project start 2016
Size 100.000 m2
Status Completed


The aim of the project is to create an axial relation between town and settlement. The location of the Icefjord Centre is placed in the valley adjacent to the Sermermiut Lake.


The Icefjord Centre is going to be a promoter for sustainable tourism and community development. For the Centre to become a part of a whole and not an independent insert, it connects the trails in various directions.


By reusing the rocks which have been dug up from the site to construct this mound, a sustainable material cycle is created. Here we see an opportunity to apply simple reused materials to

make extensions to the center. By using single, modular elements in aggregation a boutique, a bench, or simply a play element for children can be created.

              BUILDING SITE                                                          NEW LANDFROM                                              RECONSTRUCTION OF THE ARCTIC LANDSCAPE

Parking Mound Section

All necessary utilities in order to run the center in an efficient and convenien way for visitors, can be found in the parking mound.  A waste management station, toilets and bicycle storage are all located within the mound.

It promotes cycling, access by foot and also preserves an efficient functionality for those accessing by bus. Similarly, the car parking area is tucked away to ensure a clear view of Ilulissat from the observation deck of the building.

It is important that visitors sense a connection between culture and nature. The proposal is located in view of future hiking paths, encouraging visitors to walk from town to the centre.

It is an opportunity to create a space for public activities such as community gatherings, bicycle rides and children’s play. Public spaces make for a place of transition between past and present.

1.Main Pavilion 2.Viewing Platform 3.Resting Bench. These features can be interior spaces or perhaps simple benches, endorsing the growth of the community towards the north.

The pavilions are being extended by utilizing simple recycled materials. The pictures above show how this is achieved. By using single, modular elements in

aggregation a boutique, a bench, or simply a play element for children can be created. Growth and activities are promoted in the town of Ilulissat, and the focus is brought back to the north of the building, and back to Ilulissat