Helsingør Healthcare Center view from lake

Helsingør DK

Type Invited project competition in three phases, 1st prize 2018
Team Nordic Office of Architecture, ELINDCO Construction Company, Orbicon Engineers and Kemp & Lauritzen Engineers
Role Responsible for urban space and landscape design
Client Helsingør Municipality
Size 49,000 m2
Project Start 2018
Status Ongoing


The human wellbeing is the key concern in our health care center in Helsingør. Instead of the white sterile hospital atmosphere research shows that intimate inviting and warm spaces in relation to nature are the best environments to get well.


The sickness isn’t the primary focus at Helsingør Healthcare Center. Our design put the person first and focuses on the individual needs to ensure a coherent treatment process. Nature plays an important role in the treatment process and in connecting the center with the surrounding community.

Nature speeds up the recovery

Research has shown that daylight and access to nature has a positive impact when recovering from illness. People simply get well faster if they can look out to a green area and if they have access to stay and exercise in nature. The design of the house and landscape revolves around this knowledge. Lush courtyards ensure a view of greenery from every room.

An integrated path system creates accessibility in the beautiful surrounding landscape with a circular bridge that allows for direct contact with the lake. Elements placed in the park supports the rehabilitation process and can at the same time be used by the locals as fitness and play equipment.

The healthcare center relates to the other public buildings through its orientation, and connects the commercial functions through a new public square. The square provides a place for stay and informal meetings between users of the public and commercial functions.
The path system connects the healthcare center with the existing public path system and thereby the local community. It forms a new shared entrance to the health care center and the citizen center.

A part of the local community

Helsingør Healthcare Center is a place of community, and not just a place you go when sick. The entrance courtyard and park area connect the public functions of the area and the commercial center. The healthcare center becomes a part of everyday life in the local community.

Today the area is dominated by large parking areas and the nature area isn’t an integrated part of the town. With this project the green area is transformed into a park and becomes accessible for the locals and the visitor to the many public and commercial functions.

Helsingør Healthcare Center square