Copenhagen DK

Type Commission
Team Gribskrov gruppen, 3XSKAK and Grontmij
Role Main consultant landscape
Client Municipality of Frederiksberg and Gribskov Group
Size 9.500 m2
Project start 2015
Status Ongoing


In the Flintholm district a new swimming pool is being built as a PPP project (public-private partnership). The pool is situated in a densely populated neighbourhood. The quality and functions of the surroundings of the pool are crucial, since they will function as the local park for the residents of Flintholm.


The outdoor area consists of two parts: An urban square facing the street and a sloping landscape facing an existing green area and the metro. A bike and pedestrian path runs through both landscape and the square. The square is designed as shared space for cyclists and pedestrians. The bicycle path has been carefully designed to limit the speed of cyclists.

The sloping landscape links up with an existing playground, which is supplemented with new elements such as parkour, a skating track and an amphitheatre. An existing foot- and cycle bridge meets the area in a ramp which currently does not relate to its surroundings. The ramp is demolished

and cyclists will access the bridge by remodelling the terrain. The altered landscape forms a ridge that rises to the level of the bridge. The ridge creates a good overview and creates a safe path design. Additionally, a lookout from the summit of the ridge is built.