Rudersdal DK

Type Invited project competition 2010
Team Sophus Søbye Arkitekter (Main architect), We Architecture, Øllgaard Engineers
Role Consultant for landscape
Client Municipality of Rudersdal
Size 20,000m2
Project Start 2010
Status Completed 2015


Plan and strategy for rebuilding an existing culture house with the focus on visibility and strengthening of identity. The new Culture Centre Mariehøj is a unified organism of high aesthetic value and functional quality.


The renovation is not only an upgrade but also a vision for the future challenges of the culture centre, and how those challenges can strengthen the unique qualities and shared stories of the centre. Special attention is paid to the outdoor areas, with unprogrammed activities for children, youths and elderly people and on creating a local place with a strong identity. The project takes aspects of building preservation, forest preservation, and other special areas into account.


In combination, the existing and the new landscape make up an interesting network of recreational spaces, activity and meeting places across the area of the culture centre.

By adding a new foyer to the varied, existing buildings a main entrance is created connecting the paved entrance square areas with the green, recreational areas behind the buildings.