Gothenburg SE

Type Invited project competition, 2020
Team Kengo Kuma Architects Associated and AOP Architects
Role Responsible for urban space and landscape
Client City of Gothenburg
Size 23,000 m2
Project start 2020
Status Completed


Our proposal for the Haga Station is a new distinct landmark in the harbour and cityscape of Gothenburg city centre. A landmark, which lightweight structures intertwine with the trees of the historic Kungspark and create a diffuse and atmospheric transition from park to street, as the wooden structures resemble, the shifting shadow-play created by the foliage of the old trees


In the complex site between the historic urban cornerstones, the Kungspark, the Pusterviks square and the Haga Church, a new granite ‘carpet’ stretches across Parkgatan and the Rosenlund bridge and creates a clear coherence among the landmarks and widespread station functions. A simplified traffic solution maximizes the pedestrian space and establishes natural wayfinding. The station ties together the existing recreational qualities and form a modern landmark in the urban centre.

A unifying landmark

A strong identity, coherence between the characteristic areas, easy wayfinding and recreational value were our main goals. Our proposal places the station as a destination in between the park, waterfront and cityscape. The station pavilions and new square form the missing link between the Kungspark, the Haga Church park, the waterfront and the city, utilizing and joining the recreational qualities of each area. The new structures face different directions, and independently of the direction

from where you arrive at the station area, you are greeted by the organic wooden structures.

The station pavilion at Pusterviks Square is facing the waterfront and the historic fish market on the opposite side, establishing a visual connection across the water channel. Pusterviks square is revived as an urban gathering place by the waterside. The second pavilion is an extension of the historic park and addresses the park and city side.