carlsberg visualisering

Copenhagen DK

Type Open project competition 2011, 1st prize
Role Main consultant
Client Carlsberg Ejendomme
Size 6000 m2
Project Start 2011
Status Construction drawings finalised 2012, completed by contractor in 2016


The competition was hosted by Carlsberg Real Estate to find a winning design for the new main and entrance square at the new Carlsberg City, which is emerging from the former production site of the brewery in the middle of Copenhagen.


The new square will connect Carlsberg City with the new Carlsberg Station and the surrounding neighbourhoods. The floor of the Station Square brings together many types of functions and people. The flow of people with different errands crossing the square, crossing cyclists, people running for the train, hanging out or working in the adjacent buildings, is the main starting point for our adaption of the urban space surface echoing these movements and traffic lines.

carlsberg snit

A large water surface defines the transition between the busiest and the recreational parts of the square. The water allows the sky to meet the pavement with reflections of light and signs of the changing seasons

of the square. A number of circular elements provide recreation and non-commercial seating throughout the square.

carlsberg plan
carlsberg visualisering
carlsberg akso
carlsberg belægningsstudier

With a variation of the granite paving, a pattern of the flow on the square emerges, and shows the programming and zones of the square. The busiest and most dynamic flows, the bicycle street, are paved in bigger formats

grading down to the less busy or slow flowing areas where the paving formats are the smallest. This is where the square offers space for relaxation and recreational stay.

carlsberg snit