In small towns, the school is often the center of the local community.  This is also the case in Slots Bjergby outside of Slagelse, and here they want to further develop the school in order to gather locals in all ages. This new building and outdoor areas will be designed to fit the needs of everyone from the youngest toddler to the oldest member of the community.

It’s a way of reinforcing the local community of a village and using the often limited funding in the most clever way.

With the new outdoor areas, we will connect the main points of the village; the Church, the new Life- and Learning Center, community house and the large village area. It is an interesting project, and we can’t wait to get started!

We have teamed up with Primus Architects, urban development consultant Niels Bjørn and AFM Engineers for the competition.

A good and well-functioning community space is flexible as the outdoor areas of Opinmäki Campus. At Fanø Bad a new town square was the starting point for a positive urban development. At Culture Center Mariehøj a new playful landscape encourages to active games as well as creating smaller intimate spaces. At Hillerød Activity Garden the landscape both supports the rehabilitation programs of the center and can be used for everyday training.

The most characteristic landscape feature around Slots Bjergby is the two well-preserved burial mounts Hashøj and Galgebakken. Top image by Torben Kristiansen