Borgå is one of Finland’s oldest cities from 1300. The city is divided into an old middle age town and a newer empire town built after 1840.
Borgå Torg was established as a part of the new empire town, where the residents of the city had an influence on how the city should develop. The plan consisted of several parks and recreation areas. The city bloomed and the cultural and sport life was very lively.

The square has always been an important gathering point for the city and is still an active place with a market place and a bus station.

But the traffic has grown and dominates the area and the square has become blurry in its functions and meaning for the city.

The square needs a new strategy, which respects all the historic layers.
Together with ALA Architects and Sitowise we need to rethink and upgrade the square and the surrounding area. The task will be to minimize the traffic and to create functions as stay and play for people of all ages.


The river was an important trading route in the old Borgå before the industrialization and heavy traffic became a part of the city.