We are excited to be a part of designing the next generation of hospitals in Hämeenlinna in the Kanta-Häme regional hospital district. Through a cross-disciplinary process, we will take part in designing a hospital that benefits from the beautiful surroundings of the Ahvenisto site and which is closely linked with the landscape. Research has proven various health benefits from being in a green environment, and research clearly shows that a view from a hospital room to a green area reduces recovery time. Through an innovative process of cross-disciplinary meetings and workshops, we will create a modern hospital, where nature and green environments play a prominent role.

Working with architects, engineers, and hospital personnel is very rewarding, as all different aspects of functions and design are being openly discussed. One has to think big and small at the same time – from the larger landscape, the routes and access points, views and vistas, into the small courtyards where patients can catch fresh air or sit quietly in a green environment.

With this project, we are embarked on an educational journey and will regularly share updates on the exciting process.

The cross-disciplinary team consists of Harris-Kjisik Architects, AW2 Architects, De Jong Gortemaker Algra Architects and researchers, Skanska Construction Company, engineers from Sweco, Sitowise and Pohjatekniikka, and hospital personnel from the current hospital in Ahvenisto. The extent of the project is 87.000 brm2 and the expected year of completion is 2024.

During the past couple of years, we have gained experience with healing landscapes in relation to healthcare facilities. At Magneten Treatment Center, sense stimulations are used in the treatment process. We have designed a sensory garden to evoke the senses; going through the garden is a condensed journey through different spaces, visual impressions, smells, taste, sounds, and textures.

Other examples are Hillerød Activity Garden and Helsingør Healthcare Center.