Pihlajaniemi in Turku is former military land, in the years to come the area will be transformed into a new vibrant neighborhood in-between city and sea. The area is characterized by impressive rock formations, closeness to the archipelago, self-grown forest, and traces of military history.

This Friday when the sun was shining and degrees were below zero, we visited the site and got a perfect first impression of the area. So much potential that we can’t wait to dive into and develop further.

The vision plan for the development of Pihlajaniemi has been created by Gehl Architects.

The Pihlajaniemi Neighborhood is our second project in Turku, earlier this year we won a housing competetion in Virvoituksentie.

A former radio station, fences, a former practicing area for learning to drive a truck, and storage buildings are some of the traces of the areas military history.

Pihlajaniemi’s future neighborhood park will be a stormwater park. Runoff water from a large catchment area runs through the site today. Due to increasing stormwater incidents and rising sea levels, there is a demand for

a stormwater strategy and a neighborhood structure designed to handle changing water levels. At Pihlajaniemi the rainwater system will increase the quality of urban life and bring nature into the city.