In these years the Aalto University Campus is being developed into a diverse and urban campus area. We are very excited to be the ones to update the celebration square in close relation with the iconic Alvar Aalto buildings. It is the very heart of the campus, a Finnish architectural cornerstone and a place well-known to existing and former students.

The programming and arrival point to the campus has changed and with that the overall flow around the entire campus area. This has created a need for re-thinking the movement and layout of the square. Our approach is sensitive, changes should be made with respect for the existing.

We are currently working on another development project at Aalto Campus. A competition we won in 2016 together with Anttinen Oiva Architects.

This is how it should be. Image credit: Aalto University
New footpaths clearly shows how the pedestrian flow have changed.
A walk around campus shows the extent of the problem. It’s quite an interesting study of the movement around campus and how it forms an entirely new path system on top of the existing paths.